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Lists (1): Getting started with Twitter to improve your Business

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Some may have already noticed that we like to share links to useful resources such as software or blog posts.

Meanwhile, is managing more than 1,000 links for us. And I would love to have a kind of link repository management tool at my disposal.

However, I don’t and so I will start grouping links by categories and post them from time to time to our blog. First post is aggregating links to tips and ideas how to get started with Twitter to improve your business:

(1) Twitter: How to Get Started Guide for Business People – by CIO Magazine or @articles_cio

(2) Top 10 Most Powerful Twitter Tips for Brand New Beginners – by Lori Gama or @LoriGama

(3) Can Twitter Really Help Your Small Business? – by Lesley Spencer Pyle in @EntMagazine

(4)  Twitter Best Practices List – by Nova Spivack or @novaspivack

(5)  Twitter for Business: 10 Things to Consider Before You Get Started – by Beth Harte or @BethHarte

(6) 22 Reasons to Use Twitter for Business and Pleasure– by Nicole Nicolay or @nik_nik

(7) Twitter for Business by John Jantsch or @ducttape of Duct Tape Marketing. John’s “Using Twitter for Business” Guide can be downloaded as a PDF, too.

(8) Twitter for Business by Union Street Media or @unionstmedia. Focussing on the real estate industry but contains additional sources.

An excellent meta-list for a more general Twitter use is provided by @ProBlogger:

(9) “13 Twitter Tips and Tutorials for Beginners”

Now, if there’s light there also might be shadow:

(10) Top 10 Reasons Your Company Should Not Tweet by BL Ochmann or @whatsnext

(11) “Your Top 10 Worst Twitter Tips” by Tim Andren or @timandren .

Need to start and looking for apps? Here we go:

(12) 27 Twitter Applications Your Small Business Can Use Today by Amanda Stillwagon on Small Business CEO.

Finally, if you now feel the strong urge to join the Twitter (business) trend, don’t worry, you never walk alone… ;)

(13) The 5 Stages Of Twitter Acceptance by Rohit Bhargava or @rohitbhargava.

Finally, if nothing helps read the manual…

Nope, just kidding, there is no manual, fortunately. If you need more information just do a quick search on Mashable and/or Techcrunch.

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