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Lists (2): 6 Amazing Statistical Tools for Twitter and Social Media

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The last post in this category was dealing with more general issues: How to get started with Twitter as a business. The blog-posts listed there covered a lot of the Do’s and Don’ts of getting into Social Media to improve the marketing of a business.

Today’s post is taking the marketing approach a step further by introducing statistical tools that will be helpful to track the results of your efforts. These are the six tools that we use regularly:

(1) TwitterFriends by @furukama offers an amazing array of information, compares data to the average Twitter user and visualizes relationships in countless ways.


Truly a must-have tool in your selection.

(2) twitalyzer is providing comprehensive information on your activity based on parameters such as relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, clout, and other useful measures of success in social media. Also interesting are the various reports and other performance indicators such as RTs and references or the time-based analysis of your Twitter usage.


Highly recommended to track the longterm success of your social media activities.

(3) twittercounter lets you analyze the follower performance of Twitter user as well as compare two accounts with each other. Also, it maintains comprehensive rankings of Twitterers:


(4) TwitterGrader by HubSpot collects basic profile information (## of followers, following, tweets, a rank), provides a history of your account, your Grade and suggests Twitter users that might be of interest to you. It also offers various lists of Twitterers, based on the Grade mentioned before, e.g. based on location.

Grader is also available for business pages on Facebook.

(5)  Top Follow Friday is a convenient way to gather data on your involvement in #followfriday.

(6) Last but not least, there is TweetStats that offers a wide range of information how much & when you tweet:


All of these services do not require to enter your credentials for most of the features. Which is a good thing and also the reason that I do not list Twinfluence here – I do not appreciate that results are broadcasted by tweet without my prior and explicit approval.

Collecting information with these tools doesn’t consume too much time, just a few minutes every day. And it’s a worthwhile effort to start this as soon as possible. Concentrate on parameters that are important to you. And be generous: it is much easier to ignore data at a later stage than not have it available. :)

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