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Social Media: Crowdsourcing @work at Eastman Kodak

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It started as the usual question to @Kodak_de: “Would you like to participate in our interview-format ‘Twittering Corporations’”?

And Madlen agreed. So, I sent her the questions, we started exchanging mails and she mentioned that Kodak in the US just made a wonderful experience: crowdsourcing the product name for its next pocket video recorder.


So, what made Kodak give crowdsourcing a try? That’s simple: Hiawatha Bray of The Boston Globe wrote a review about Kodak’s new Zi8 pocket video recorder . And he loves it, except for, well, its name: “Kodak may not know how to name a video camera, but they sure know how to build one.”

Great, I thought to myself, this is exactly the kind of learning we like to share with the community. So, I asked Madlen whether someone from the States would like to give the interview in English?

And yes, someone volunteered. And it turned out to be Jeffrey Hayzlett – aka @JeffreyHayzlett –, Eastman Kodak’s Chief Marketing Officer himself. But it is getting even better: Madlen met Jeff last week in Hamburg. And they found time for the following video, shot in the neighbourhood of Hamburg’s HafenCity. Enjoy first hand information on a successful crowdsourcing campagne:

Read the interview here next Thursday.

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