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Twitter Software (4): New native OSX client for Macintosh available – Tweetie for Mac

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Tweetie for Mac has arrived! :)

(1) First impression:

It is fast, elegant, stable, lean (less than 1/3 of the RAM needed in comparison to TweetDeck) and works immediately out of the box – just as you would expect, projecting the Tweetie for iPhone user experience to the desktop version.

The usability is particularly notable, just check out the use of the context-menu.

(2) How much is it?

Free of charge, if you accept advertising or $14.95 for the advertising-free version:


(3) Screenshots:



Mentionings – aka @-Replies – with reply:


DMs (threaded):


Single search:


Multiple searches in multiple windows:


(4) Supported external services:

  • URL-shortening:,, TinyURL, and DiggBar
  • Pictures: yFrog, TwitPic, Twitgoo, Posterous

Please note, however, that there seems to be no way to use existing accounts of such services at the moment.

(5) Wish-list:

Just three enhancements would make Tweetie my preferred Mac client:

  • Groups
  • Ability to add my and TwitPic credential to continue using the already existing accounts
  • Column view also for multiple searches, too much windows floating around otherwise.



Today, yet another native Macintosh OSX Twitter client will enter the arena: Tweetie for Mac!

I am already an avid user of the original Tweetie software for the iPhone: it is stable, elegant and pays a lot of attention to usebility issues – in short: it is my favorite Twitter client for iPhone.

When it comes to the Mac desktop, however, things are different. I do not like AIR apps, such as TweetDeck, as they often lack the quality I expect from contemporary software. TweetDeck is notorious for its resource requirements, for example. Running TweetDeck v0.25 on MacBook Pro with 1,5 GB RAM does not leave a lot of room for other software.

So, I was thrilled by the arrival of Nambu: everything that TweetDeck offers, just Mac OSX native, fast and with an elegant interface. And my favorite URL-shortening service already embedded.

Well, it’s four weeks later and Nambu has progressed to a point (v1.1.12) where I cannot even install it any more. Honestly, it is most buggy software I have seen in years. Too bad, as I really want to like Nambu… :(

And now: Tweetie for Mac. All I can offer at the moment is the promo video:

And that let’s me hope for more! The initial release seems only be lacking groups.

As soon as I can get my hands on the download, Iwill do some tests and add them to the post. Just a few hours; hopefully the server will manage the initial wave of requests, just check the number of tweets that are dealing with Tweetie for Mac’s arrival later today.

By the way, we are running a Twtpoll: How much would you be willing to pay for a stable, native OSX Twitter client that supports groups?

Poll in German

Poll in English

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