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Twitter launches Twitter 101 – A Special Guide for Businesses

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Finally, with its Twitter 101, Twitter is taking steps into what most observers acknowledge to become a vital part of the companies future: convincing businesses to adapt Twitter as the ideal communication channel to directly get involved with their customers – or in other words: adapt Twitter as an integral part of a company’s social media marketing strategy.

How is Twitter doing so? By providing a well-structured, easy to understand Twitter 101, written by Sarah Milstein – aka @SarahM:

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Sarah covers:

  • Getting start: What is Twitter all about?
  • Learn the Lingo: Twitter is simple but not that obvious to understand right away
  • Best practices: Yub, the all important Dos & Don’ts – particularly if you are company that wants to engage in the Twitterverse
  • Case studies: Learn from the best, such as DellOut, JetBlue, Teusner Wines, Current, Tasti D Lite, CoffeeGroundz, Etsy, NAKEDPizza, American Apparel and Pespi
  • Other resouces: Listing books, such as The Twitter Book, articles or blog posts that should make any entrepreneur want to a start twittering immediately.

Bottom line:

Sarah managed to write the Twitter 101 in such a way, that Twitter newbies will be hooked if their company really wants to go social media on the one hand. And on the other hand, all those – who are more familiar with the idea – will find the case studies really worth reading.

Last, but not least: Since there now is a subdomain “business” on I am curious what else to expect here…

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