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Twitternde Unternehmen (30): Eastman Kodak

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Welcome to the 30th post of our interview format Twittering Corporations.

Today, we are featuring Eastman Kodak represented by Jeffrey Hayzlett, Eastman Kodak’s Chief Marketing Officer, also known as @JeffreyHayzlett:


(1) Bio:

Kodak Chief Marketing Officer.

(2) How important is Twitter for the company’s communication strategy?

“Twitter is critical for keeping in touch with customers and listening to conversations. I can’t think of a company that should not be doing it and especially Marketing Executives. It is a new form of communication that is extremely effective in one to one as well as one to many communication. You would have to be an idiot to ignore the positive benefits a company receives.”

(3) How much time do you spend twittering daily/weekly?

“Maybe 20 minutes sending tweets and about 1 hour reading, watching and engaging with customers, family, friends and my competition. I check irregularly to get status updates and to determine, if there is anything I need to respond to or start. Twitter is part of our social media strategy at Kodak, where we practice the 4 E’s: Someone needs to engage, educate, excite and evangelize! That should be a two way street in deploying a strategy between you and the audience that’s following you.”

(4) Are there any (quantitative) objectives for the Twitter channel, e.g. a certain number of followers that needs to be matched?

“Not really. It should be about quality, not quantity. I know there are some that play the quantity game. That’s not the one I choose to participate in personally. I would much rather have deeper relationships and conversations with my “Twitter-followers”. To me, that’s what Kodak is about.”

(5) How would you describe the relation between your company blog & your twitter channel?

“It is very complimentary, it is natural. We don’t try to push or force something. It just happens. A blog should be just that and your activity on twitter should have a different flavor and purpose. One does not replace the other and one is not better than the other. They are different and unique, but still part of the social media fabric.”

(6) How do you control the Twitter channel? What key performance indicators do you record and analyze?

“You can’t. That is like saying you control the thoughts and minds of others. It goes back to our strategy in social media and the four E’s: if you engage, you educate, and you get educated, which leads to greater excitement and then hopefully ambassadors who will evangelize. Executives need to realize that those conversations go on with or without you. For that reason the best ‘control’ you can have is to get in there and be a part of the conversation. On indicators we do our best to just listen. In fact we have just hired a “Chief Listener”, who helps us to get more engaged in more conversations around the world through twitter and other social networks. The best performance indicator we can have is a satisfaction of our customers internally and externally, saying great things about Kodak and its products and services.”

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Post scriptum:

Just in case you missed Jeffrey’s video on the highly successful crowdsourcing campaign for Kodak’s upcoming pocket video-recorder, here we go:

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